Who we are

Pacific Recreation Sales Inc is a full service independent sales representative agency designed to establish and grow profitable business partnerships between our manufacturing and retail partners.


 Established in 2008, we have strategically worked to grow brand recognition, market share and profitability of our brand partners. The key focus of the PRS team is growing market share via brick and mortar retail, ecommerce, and omni channel retailers. Our experience in multiple channels of trade and distribution gives our brands broader visibility, along with providing stability in an ever evolving retail landscape.   

What we do


*Implementation of brand strategy

*Execution of sales and marketing plans 

*Assortment Planning

*Visual Merchandising

*On-site promotion and events

*Strategic Account Management

*Inventory planning and forecasting

* Product placement 

* Product and brand development 

* Brand / label marketing

 * Product and Brand education 

Markets we serve

*Outdoor Spacialty Retail

*Mass retai

*Online retail

*B2B distribution

*Government / Military

*Industrial specification 
*Law Enforcement specification


Agency Principal

   JJ Anderson



"I have been working in the outdoor industry for over 9 years. Before founding Pacific Recreation Sales Inc. in 2008 I worked in industrial lighting, climbing the ladder from sales associate to managing regional sales for a US based lighting manufacturer. I have combined this experience , along with my passion for the outdoors to develop and grow an agency with a focus broader than just the outdoor marketplace. I have worked within specialty and multi store retail, industrial including electrical service / oil and gas, B2B distribution,law , safety procurement, local and state utility and municipality offices. We utilize all of these markets when developing and implementing strategic and sustainable top line growth goals for every brand we partner with. At Pacific Recreation our primary goal to ensure the long term growth and viability of our brand and retail partners alike in an ever evolving retail landscape."


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Tel: 877-722-4742